Monday, April 30, 2007

To Do List

  1. Mail that package
  2. Get groceries
  3. Laundry
  4. Get picnic stuff for zoo tomorrow

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Friday night is movie night. . .

After waking up yesterday with a killer headache and popping a couple of E*cedrin I spent the day on a weird buzz. But hey, I didn't have a headache anymore.

My adorably awesome husband works a 12hr day every Friday. Which really stinks but the kids and I have gotten acustomed to watching a movie every Friday night to kill the time. We've seen tons of movies together. Last night we had company for movie night. My dear friend and her kiddos who live on the next street came over and we split a bucket from the Colonel and watched Ice Age-The Meltdown. It (the movie) was alright. Nothing to brag about. We had a great time in spite of it. I think we'll do it again. (Not Ice Age).

I remember doing movie nights growing up. It was the best. We got to stay up way too late and eat pizza or popcorn. It was fun to sit down with my parents and not be feel forced. I have lots of great memories. Thats probably why I love movies so much. It's something that we are passing down to our kids. They love movies. Good movies. Not mindless crud. lol.

We make them talk about the movies we see. Plot, character development, bad acting, etc. They need to know that there is more to a good movie than action and cg(computer graphics). It's got to have something that makes you want to watch it again. We don't want them to walk in to a theater and just turn off their brains. And then leave and say "Eh, that was cool." Someone. . . stop. . . make that lots of someones worked for years on that movie. And you just walked in switched off you noggin and drooled on yourself for 2 hours. I'm not sure what that says about our culture.

Movies use to be art. They use to mean something. Right?

Anyways, that's my rant for the day. See ya tomorrow.

Friday, April 27, 2007

My Movies Age Gauge

You said your birthday is 5 / 14 / 1976
which means you are 30 years old and about:

57 years 3 months younger than Zsa Zsa Gabor, age 88
45 years 11 months
younger than Clint Eastwood, age 76
43 years 3 months
younger than Kim Novak, age 74
40 years 3 months
younger than Burt Reynolds, age 71
36 years 3 months
younger than Nick Nolte, age 67
35 years 1 month
younger than Ann-Margret, age 65
29 years 2 months
younger than Billy Crystal, age 60
26 years 6 months
younger than Whoopi Goldberg, age 57
23 years 10 months
younger than Robin Williams, age 54
19 years 10 months
younger than Tom Hanks, age 50
17 years 6 months
younger than Jamie Lee Curtis, age 48
15 years 1 month
younger than Eddie Murphy, age 46
5 years 10 months
younger than Jennifer Lopez, age 36
2 years 9 months
older than Jennifer Love Hewitt, age 28
11 years 11 months
older than Haley Joel Osment, age 19

and when
these movies were released in the U.S. your age was:

Star Wars: 1
Animal House: 2
Star Trek: The Motion Picture: 3
ET: 6
The Terminator: 8
Top Gun: 10
Planes, Trains & Automobiles: 11
Steel Magnolias: 13
Home Alone: 14
Wayne's World: 15
Jurassic Park: 17
Forrest Gump: 18
Fargo: 19
Saving Private Ryan: 22
Toy Story 2: 23

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Keeping the Faith. . .and the House

I recently finished began and finished The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. Oh my gosh. What a moving series! These books are awesome and long. I stayed up till almost 2am some nights reading. I just couldn't put them down.

Though I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Francine Rivers writes really moving Christian fiction. The kind of books that you really can't put down. . .

Well actually I have put them down. I've gotten so ticked off while reading some of her books that I just said to my husband, "No, I am not finishing that book. I cannot believe he(character) did that." You get so into the stories that you see things in yourself. The characters stories reveal things about yourself. She also wrote Redeeming Love which I stopped reading about halfway through and then finally finished after a week of fighting with myself.

For instance, The Mark of the Lion series is all about faith. In the first, a slave named Hadassah learns to trust in the face of death. Now, I've never been in a "face of death" situation (to my knowledge). But it put my own lack of faith into perspective. I realized that I always seem to have a backup plan. I expect that God will see me through but in the meantime I tend to try to solve the problem myself. Not good. I have majorly messed up things this way.

Anyways, I could go on and on. My lack of faith could fill up a few volumes, I'm sure. All this is to say read the books. They are awesome. Sometimes heart-wrenching. I have to be very careful when reading Francine Rivers books not to forget that I have a life. Make sure you have a box of tissues. And a very understanding husband. Cause my housework didn't quite get done. Enjoy!

Scarlett O'Hara in 5 minutes

You've really got to love homeschoolers (biased). This girl is hilarious. Whether you've seen the movie or not you'll love it. I am a huge fan of the movie and I was rolling in the floor laughing.

By the way if you'd like to see more homeschoolers in action check out this new site: