Friday, February 20, 2009

I have a wonderful husband. . .Obviously

I've been busy. I'm sure you've heard of Twilight. If not, ask the person sitting next to you. They'll tell you what it is. I'm an obsessive person and once I begin reading I can't stop. I'm not so bad that I'll drop everything and let the house go to heck. But I'm almost that bad.

Anyways, over Christmas a friend let me borrow the first 2 books. And I read them. In less than 3 days. So then I went to Target and bought the last 2. And read them in less than a week. Is that obsessive? Probably. But the laundry got done, dishes got cleaned, my family got fed and I got sleep. So I guess it wasn't that bad.

The thing is I've talked my poor husband's ear off about Edward and Bella and Jacob and etc. I felt really bad, I really did. But I talked anyways. He's very kind.

And so I decide I'm gonna be good. I'm gonna stop talking about it so much. And what does he do? He goes and gets me Twilight stuff for Valentines day. What a sweety! Is he a glutton for punishment? Yup. He loves me. Obviously.

So here's the pic. This is what I woke up to on Valentines day. Notice the Dark Chocolate. Yummy.


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Scribbit said...

My teen daughter is trying to get me to go to the Twilight movie at the cheap movies with her this week during spring break.