Monday, March 21, 2011

Gluten Free Quiche

Gluten free quiche! A family favorite.

I don't post recipes/food related posts very often but I was kind of proud of this one. We'd put our daughter on a gluten free diet for a month to see if we saw any improvement in some areas (leg pain, vision, etc.). And since we've have become fans of quiche for dinner it was kind of annoying not being able to use the pie crusts we usually use. So here's my little trick for a gluten free quiche. And it doesn't require any special/expensive flour!

Get yourself some yellow corn tortillas. (The Mission corn tortillas don't have any gluten ingredients.) Place them in your pie plate and arrange them like this:
Beautiful corn tortillas!

Kind of arrange them "tightly". Then mix up your favorite quiche ingredients and pour it in. There's a chance that some of the quiche mixture will seep thru underneath the tortillas but not enough to worry about. The quiche cooks for the same amount of time as usual and the corn tortillas give it a really earthy taste. We've done this for dinner at least once a week since we started the gluten free experiment. Some of our favorite add-ins are spinach, pre-cooked jimmy dean turkey sausage from costco (gluten free, as far as I could find), shredded cheese, leftover chicken. We have quiche for the main dish and then have salad and toast with jam for sides. 


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