Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ok, so anyone else Lost?

Ok, uhm, once again **spoiler alert**

I'm not gonna give a full out recap 'cause I've seen some other good ones: here and here

I'm confused and not gonna have a great summer, fall and winter trying to figure out what this all means.

  1. So they got off the island?
  2. Was is just Kate and Jack or everyone?
  3. Who was in the coffin?
  4. Did it(the coffin) seem small to anyone else?
  5. What would make it inappropriate for Jack to get a ride with his ex?
  6. Who is the "he" Kate is getting back to?
  7. Shouldn't she be in jail?
  8. Isn't Jack's father dead?
  9. Why, oh, why didn't Charlie close the door behind him?
  10. Locke is back!!!
  11. Why didn't Ben look all that surprised when he heard that Tom hadn't killed Sayid, Jin and Bernard?
  12. Hurley is AWESOME!!!
  13. So is Sayid! He killed that guy with his feet!?!
  14. I'd love to know the translation of what Jin said when they threatened to shoot him.
  15. Where and what is the temple?
  16. Does it have anything to do with the 4 toed foot statue?
Tell me what you think. I'm confused and intrigued. Nothing new there.


Jenn (aka TV Junkie) said...

Oy! I have the same questions floating in my head too!

(Dropping in from Rocks!)

KarenW said...

I thought that Hurley and the VW was the best part of the entire two hours! The rest left me rather disappointed.

Tina said...

Tom's comment to one of the other Others made it sound like Ben had told them to shoot 3 shots in the ground. I assume they had that planned beforehand.

Charlie's last scene had me in tears!! When Hurley came driving down the beach, I was so afraid he was going to get shot! He's so great!

I found you through Shannon. We're going to have to talk because I live in your zip code! And my husband and I are from West Virginia.

Small world!

ohAmanda said...

There's just so much to say about Lost! I could go on all day! (thanks for the linky-love!)