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Celebrate Lit: Haven of Rest by Faith Blum

About the Book

Book: Haven of Rest

Author: Faith Blum

Genre: Biblical fiction

Release Date: July 26, 2019

Adah was neglected by her abba and her brother. She must do something. All her previous plans have failed, but she won’t slip up this time. Since her abba is King David, author of many songs, what better way to gain his attention than pulling off a concert featuring twelve of his daughters?

As she plans, Adah’s discontentment grows. She throws herself into the work but worry edges into her heart anyway. Can Adah learn to rest in Adonai as her father? Will she learn contentment in all things?

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Author Interview:

Who has been your favorite character to write?

Adelaide from my novella, Blessed Assurance. She was like me in some ways, but also very much unlike me. I believe she was one of my most well-rounded characters to date and I just loved her story.

Who has been your most difficult character to write?

Right now, Timothy Carson, my main character in my WWI novel. Not only is he male, but he is also a soldier. Two thing I am definitely not.

Has a real person inspired a character?

A couple of my characters are similar to me in some ways, but I also made sure they were different as well.

What classic character do you think you are most like?

Jane Bennett. She and I are both shy and don’t show our emotions.

Who is your favorite fictional villain?

This is a tough question. I think I would have to say that Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars films is my favorite fictional villain. 

About the Author

Faith Blum is a small-town Wisconsin girl. She has independently published over 25 books in over five years. Most of her books are Christian Historical Fiction with an emphasis on Westerns. During an eBook sale, she was #1 in Christian Westerns and Christian Western Anthologies on Amazon. During that sale, she sold over 3,000 copies.

 Faith currently resides in Central Wisconsin with her husband and their cat, Smokey. When not writing, you can find her cooking food from scratch due to food allergies, doing dishes, knitting, crocheting, sewing, reading, or spending time with her husband. She loves to hear from her readers, so feel free to contact her on her website:

More from Faith

The Haven of Rest was inspired by a friend. I wanted another fairy tale to retelling for my series, but had run out of ideas and she mentioned the 12 Dancing Princesses and how they 12 girls could be 12 daughters of King David. It took a little while, but the idea soon grew into this story.
I do take liberties throughout the story. It is a Biblical Fiction story, and I tried hard to keep to those roots and keep it accurate throughout, including for the betrothals and weddings. However, a few liberties I took were:

  • Giving King David more daughters than are mentioned. I did have Tamar be one of the daughters.

  • Creating a backstory for Amnon’s obsession with Tamar.

  • Showing that King David was a flawed man who was not a good father. Although this isn’t stated outright in the Bible, it is definitely implied by the rebellion three of his sons showed and his lax discipline of Amnon after his rape of Tamar.

  • The other liberty I took is a spoiler for the end of the book, so you will have to read the book to find out what that was. I do explain my reasoning of that one in the Historical Note at the end of the book.

I really enjoyed writing this story and hope you enjoy reading it!

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To celebrate her tour, Faith is giving away a themed basket with two plastic canvas heart bookmarks, a paperback copy of the book, and a crocheted doily!!

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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Enclave Scavenger Hunt with Celebrate Lit

What Happens When Your Soul Dies?

Kat Bloodmayne is one of the first women chosen to attend the Tower Academy of Sciences. But she carries a secret: she can twist the natural laws of science. She has no idea where this ability came from, only that every time she loses control and unleashes this power, it kills a part of her soul. If she doesn't find a cure soon, her soul will die and she will become something else entirely.

After a devastating personal loss, Stephen Grey leaves the World City Police Force to become a bounty hunter. He believes in justice and will stop at nothing to ensure criminals are caught and locked up. However, when Kat Bloodmayne shows up in his office seeking his help, his world is turned upside down.

Together they search World City and beyond for a doctor who can cure Kat. But what they discover on the way goes beyond science and into the dark sphere of magic.

About the Author:

Morgan L. Busse is a writer by day and a mother by night. She is the author of the Follower of the Word series and the steampunk series The Soul Chronicles. She is a Christy and INSPY Award finalist and recently won the Carol Award for best in Christian speculative fiction. During her spare time she enjoys playing games, taking long walks, and dreaming about her next novel. Visit her online at

Social Media: Facebook:
Twitter: (@MorganLBusse)

Here is the Amazon link to buy the book:

Here's the link to the giveaway:

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Weekend Excursion to Breck

Over the last weekend, we went on an afternoon trek to Breckenridge, Colorado. We've been several times over the last 11 years. It's only about 3 hours drive. Usually, we drive up, park and walk around the cool shops. We usually end up at a favorite pizza shop. But this time we were on a mission to see a troll. His name is Isak Heartstone!

We didn't even walk around Breck this time! We took a little hike through these amazing woods. Here's some more pics.

There was this really pretty walkway which lead down next to a babbling brook. 

This really cool table built around a couple of trees!

We took the scenic route back over the mountains. 

This is the view from Hoosier Divide. 

Of course, we had to stop in Fairplay to get this pic. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Cover reveal: A Match for Emma by Pepper Basham!

About the Book
Emma Mitchell may enjoy sprinkling romance into the lives of others, but her own plans involve a single first-class ticket to culinary school in Europe.  
When her best friend, Jon Noble, suddenly moves back to Ransom, Emma’s fairly certain her life can’t get any better…until her matchmaking schemes nosedive, her culinary future falls flat, and a life-long friendship begins to teeter on the brink of something unexpected.
With a little inspiration from Jane Austen’s classic and a touch of Blue Ridge charm, will Jon and Emma discover that what they need the most may be the last thing they’re trying to find?

About the Author
Pepper Basham is an award-winning author who writes historical and contemporary romance novels with grace, humor, and culture clashes. She’s Blue Ridge Mountain native and an anglophile who enjoys combining her two loves to create memorable stories of hope. You can connect with Pepper over at her group blog, The Writer’s Alley, her websiteFacebookInstagramPinterest, or Twitter.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hobby Lobby haul: Stocking Stuffers and Show

I love Hobby Lobby! No matter what I go looking for I never come out without a cart full of clearance! They are a creative minds playground! So when I get the chance to just wander around the store, I find the coolest things.

I also try to buy ahead for Christmas stocking stuffers, as well as, for our Operation Christmas Child boxes. I try to get the most bang for the buck so if I can find multiples in a pack for a smaller price it's always a score. Here are the items I found this week. Your results may vary as every store will have different items in stock. But you can get the idea.

These marker sets were only 99 cents marked down from $3.99!

These sand cross necklaces and Fuzzy Art Lions come in 24 packs!
These paper puzzles and paper glasses also come in 24 packs for under $1!

These little wooden nativities are in a 6 pack and these are 2 packs of wooden masks!

These ark sets also come in a 6 pack. And check out these cross zipper bags in 40 count!

24 packs of cross erasers and 4 pack of canvas could be broken up for multiple gifts!

These are drawstring backpacks 2 for 99 cents! And these cute feather boas are only 74 cents. 

These masks are only 49 cents and this 4 pack of glitter party hats are under $1.

I thought these little frisbee rings were a steal at 12 for 99 cents. And 8 cube games for $1.24!

These little monkey toys were pretty good quality for 99 cents. And check out these little notebooks 4 for 99 cents.

I'd pair these little pens with one of the notebooks from about for a great teacher gift! Check out these cute little pencil pouches!

Washi tape is a great stocking stuffer and $2.49 for 8 rolls you can't beat it! These cute cards could be divided up for multiple gift sets.

This is a fun little set of cards. They come in lots of colors. And these wrist wrap bracelet kits make a great gift!

This could be a fun little stocking stuffer or just good to have around. These little pocket crosses make a great stocking stuffer!

These necklaces are little more pricey as far as stocking stuffers go but they could also make a great gift. These coaster sets are beautiful and make a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer.

These lanyards a pretty cool and would be great stocking stuffers for guys.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

More than Words Can Say Blog Tour and Givewawy

About the Book

Book: More Than Words Can Say  
Author: Karen Witemeyer  
Genre: Historical Romance  
Release Date: May 7, 2019

After fulfilling a pledge to a dying friend, Zacharias Hamilton is finally free to live life on his own terms. No opportunities to disappoint those he cares about, just the quiet bachelor existence he’s always craved. Until fate snatches his freedom away once again when the baker of his favorite breakfast treat is railroaded by the city council. As hard as he tries to avoid getting involved, he can’t turn a blind eye to her predicament . . . or her adorable dimples. Abigail Kemp needs a man’s name on her bakery’s deed. A marriage of convenience seems the best solution . . . if it involves a man she can control. Not the stoic lumberman who oozes confidence without saying a word whenever he enters her shop. Control Zacharias Hamilton? She can’t even control her pulse when she’s around him. Once vows are spoken, Abigail’s troubles should be over. Yet threats to the bakery worsen, and darker dangers hound her sister. As trust grows between Zach and Abby, she finds she wants more than his rescue. She wants his heart.

Click here to purchase your copy.

About the Author

Winner of the HOLT Medallion and the Carol Award and a finalist for the RITA and Christy Award, bestselling author Karen Witemeyer writes historical romance to give the world more happily-ever-afters. Karen makes her home in Texas, with her husband and three children. Learn more about Karen and her books at

More from Karen

Settings – Real or Imagined?

One of the key decisions an author has to make before she begins to write is selecting the setting for her story. And the first choice she faces is the question of whether to use a real or imagined location. Roughly half the stories I have written are set in fictional towns. The use of a fictional setting allows an author greater freedom to manipulate the environment of her characters to fit her plot. This provides a great deal of flexibility. However, there is something special about setting a story in a real place. First, readers who are familiar with that place never fail to get excited about seeing a town they recognize in print. Second, if an author can find historical photos and documents, she can add a wonderful layer of authenticity to her setting that might otherwise be missing. Third, an author may turn up fascinating tidbits when studying the history of her setting that find their way into the story and bring a flavor the author never could have supplied on her own. This was the case as I wrote More Than Words Can Say. All of the stories in my Patchwork Family series have been set in real places. Pecan Gap, Texas for More Than Meets the Eye, Honey Grove, Texas for More Than Words Can Say, and coming this fall we’ll travel to Gainesville, Texas for the concluding novella, More Than a Pretty Face. Researching each location brought its own unique discoveries, but I have to admit that researching the small town of Honey Grove brought this history-loving girl a special level of joy. For example, there is a legend about how the town got its name that I knew needed to be incorporated into my story. Legend has it that when Davy Crockett was on his way to join the fight at the Alamo, he stopped in a grove of trees and set up camp. There were so many bees in that in letters to family and friends, he called the place a “Honey Grove.” He carved his initials into one of the trees and intended to return and settle there after the war. Unfortunately, as we know, Crockett did not survive the Alamo and therefore did not return. One of his friends, Samuel A. Erwin, later found the grove and became the first settler in 1839. Many people recall seeing the initials carved into Crockett’s bee tree even into the early 1900s, which led me to believe that this legend was based in truth. It doesn’t play a pivotal role in my story, but if you watch for it, you’ll find it mentioned. Discovering the Honey Grove Preservation League’s website proved a tremendous boon. Their online historical resources are some of the best I have ever come across. Historical photos, newspaper articles, government records—it was like stepping through a time portal every time I visited. And I visited often. Thanks to the Preservation League, I was able to mention real people and places in my novel. Places like the Commercial Hotel, the home of James Gilmer that was built during my time period, Wilkins, Wood & Patteson Dry Goods, and Dora Galbraith Patteson’s millinery shop on the east side of the town square. While Zacharias Hamilton and Reuben Sinclair are completely fictitious characters, there really was a lumberyard located on the corner of Sixth Street and Rail Road. As fiction authors are wont to do, I did take a few liberties with Honey Grove’s history. To my knowledge, there was never any city ordinance banning women from owning businesses in town, which was a key plot point in More Than Words Can Say. In addition, Mayor Chester Longfellow was a complete invention of my imagination. The true mayor of Honey Grove during this time period was J.H. Smith, a man who served in that capacity from 1888-1897. He must have been a well-loved city official to hold office for nearly a decade. I paid brief homage to him by having him step back into office when my fictitious mayor resigned. I hope you enjoy stepping back in time with me into historic Honey Grove, Texas. Zach and Abigail might not have lived there in truth, but I like to believe their tale is a representation of the many amazing love stories have taken place in that sweet little town through the years.

My thoughts

Wow, where to start? This book was a great mix of charming and romantic. I loved the bakery setting. The love interest doesn't disappoint. The sisters where highly believable. The whole town seemed like something out of a Hallmark movie :) I can't wait to read the rest of the series. 

I've been a Witemeyer fan for years and I highly recommend this one, as well as, all of her books!

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To celebrate her tour, Karen is giving away a grand prize that includes More Than Words Can Say, More Than Meets the Eye, and a $20 Panera Bread gift card!!
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