Sunday, February 23, 2020

Childhood Celebration Tour

Author Interview

  1. Who has been your favorite character to write?
    Jake, from my first novel, because he emulated me. In the circumstances that I placed him in, he did what I would do. I lived vicariously through Jake in the first novel. 

  2. Who has been your most difficult character to write?
    Aleksey in my second novel, because he is essentially the devil in human flesh.

  3. Has a real person inspired a character?
    Many of my characters are inspired by one or more real people.

  4. Where is the weirdest place you've found inspiration?
    The bathroom.

  5. Is there a scene you wish you could rewrite?
    Yes. In my last novel a couple of the scenes, in retrospect, are “preachier” than I intended.

About the Book

Book:  Childhood
Author: Greg Schaffer
Genre:  Contemporary
Release Date: February 10, 2020
Katie lived a lonely childhood, her after school time filled with responsibilities to her father and special needs brother. Her chores prevented her from experiencing the carefree life her peers, including Joey, her neighbor and secret crush, lived. She began running to impress Joey, then discovered track as a possible way out of the small town of Nortonville, Tennessee. But as the promise of a college scholarship drew her closer to the escape she had dreamed about since childhood, she wondered why she didn’t feel better. What was missing?
Childhood is the novelette prequel to Fatherhood, a full-length novel about abortion from the father’s point of view.

About the Author

Greg Schaffer has written several novels, beginning with Forgiveness (2014). Each conveys the message that hope is always available, even in the darkest of times. His other works of fiction include horse-humor and poetry anthologies. A northerner by birth and a southerner by choice, Greg resides with his wife and rescue dogs in Franklin, Tennessee

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James Robert said...

Thank you for sharing this book, it sounds like a very great read and I'm glad I got to hear about it.

Debbie P said...

This book sounds like a very interesting read.

Melissa W said...

Very interesting interview!