Monday, June 16, 2008

Lost Party Photos

Okay, so I know you are all on edge waiting for this. Here's the photos from our Lost season finale party.

Here's what we did. . .

We stopped by our local dharma drop point and picked up some snacks. We had a little variety.

Banana chips. (Okay, so they looked yummy.)

A 6-pack of Dharma Initiative Root Beer.

They apparently got a BOGO on the Pork Rinds. (They were supposed to be Boar Rinds but I printed too soon. lol)

My baby brother Josh, sampling the Root beer.

My beloved enjoying one as well.

The table was set.

And that's all. There was another photo. It had me in it. Not a good photo. Sorry.
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I am a complete slacker. . .

Okay, not really. You know, you go your whole life not even knowing what a blog is and then you get one and you are bound to it. 

I actually have guilt about not blogging. How sad is that? 


I have some snazzy photos of our Lost party (which I will post soon). We actually did one. My brother happened to be here that night and so we went to our local Dharma drop point and got some Lostie snacks. It was cheezy, I must admit, but it was tons of fun.

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