Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tendencies and such. . .

I have a tendency to over react. Don't judge me!

If I feel like I'm missing something or I feel left out of the loop I freak out. I get paranoid. I feel like I'm being dissed. It's really silly. I know. But there it is. I admit it. I over react.

I shared this realization with my hubs last night and got a big ol' eye roll. Like I thought he wouldn't already know this.

Ah, looking inward. Lovely.

Anyhoo, I subscribe to a e-newsletter call the Generous Wife. If you haven't heard of it you should totally go check out the site that it comes from. It's called The Marriage Bed
(It's basically a Christian sex site. Okay, I know what you are thinking and you, my friend, are a pervert. Just kidding. It's not bad. I really wish that I had found this site when hubs and I first got married. It is very helpful. It's a great place to go and talk to other Married Christian women and men who have the same questions that you do. So check it out. )

All that was to say, the Generous Wife e-newsletter comes to my email everyday and gives me tips on how to be a generous wife(thus the name). The other day my tip was to include my husbands friends. Or get to know them and have them over or something like that. Not a problem you might say. Big problem if your husband doesn't really have any friends. I thought about who his friends are and I was like, uhm, he doesn't really have any outside of work. And his work friends? Questionable, very questionable. They are not the kind of people we associate with unless you are forced to spend 9 hrs per day, 5 days per week, 52 weeks per year with.

I notice that his friends outside of work are my friends husbands. That's kind of awkward too. It's not like he chose them. He kind of just got stuck with them. So this seemed so easy back in school. You ate lunch with someone everyday, they watched your stuff, you shared notes and homework and you were friends. But now it seems so hard. We don't really have anyone telling us where to go or who to be friends with. Ah, the joy of growing up.

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ohAmanda said...

I'm checking out the Marriage site. And OH! I love your LOST countdown. *sigh* I hope I can make it!