Monday, March 3, 2008

He's always on time. . .

I haven't written in a while. Like that's anything new. lol.

But I want to share what has been going on with us lately. My husband has worked for the same church for almost 9 years. He's a great employee and everyone who knows him says he's way too underpaid. They fired his assistant about two months ago and they still expect him to keep things going as if there were still 2 people doing the work.

Ridiculous, right?

Well as if that's not enough. For the past 9 years, he's been working every Sunday. Which means we don't go to church together. And let me tell you that as 2 pastors kids we know that's not okay. It's really started to get harder cause the kids and I have been going to a new church that's awesome.

So anyways, today my husband was going in to give his notice. No, we didn't have a job to go to. Crazy? Yup. But we felt that this was the right decision. But when he got there he couldn't get a word in. Every time he opened his mouth someone interrupted him. Which is funny to me cause my husband loves to talk. And the fact that he couldn't get a word in is ironic.

So he gave up and came home thinking to go in tomorrow and tell them that he's leaving. Still having no idea what we would be doing after he leaves. So he comes home takes a nap and gets to work on some business stuff. When out of the blue, the phone rings. . .it's our friend from Colorado and he offers my husband a job! What???

It's almost 2x what he makes now and it's working with one of my husbands best friends! And here's the other thing. We might not have to move. It might be a e-commute deal. We'd only have to go out there 5x per year. How awesome is that? Just when we think that we can't take it anymore God shows us the way.

So anyways, I thought I'd let you know what craziness has been going down here in my house.

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