Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When characters grow up. . . alternate title: The new Dora

Have you seen the new Dora? Here she is:

There has been quite the uproar, mostly from moms. I think she's cute. And while I think they probably have a point that she looks older. She only looks maybe 2-3 years older and she's dressed very nicely.

I didn't hear any uproar over the newly madeover Strawberry Shortcake:

Or even the newly made over Holly Hobby:

I don't know maybe it's just me but I think people are quick to freak out. I mean the kids aren't gonna really care that much. When my daughter walked in and saw the new Dora she squealed and said, "Ohhh, she's so pretty!"

I think we worry to much about these things. I mean I got a little concerned when they changed Sesame Street but I will admit it was because it's what I was use to. They didn't mess anything up. They just brought it out of the 70's. I think we need to ask ourselves what we are concerned about. Is it well founded concern or are they changing for a good reason.

I have to say there is a huge gap in the children's entertainment industry. I worry that there aren't enough of this age level edu-tainment out there. What shows do you know of for a girl who is no longer interested in yelling "Map" at the screen but she's not ready for High School Musical? Not a lot, I'd wager. Girls need good role models at every age. Not just at age 3 when they still like to help Dora find her way home.

I think the idea has potential. What do you think?


Shanna said...

I think the older Dora is quite pretty and the new Strawberry Shortcake is really adorable! Are moms really in an uproar because the characters are growing up a little? I guess people are just afraid of change sometimes.

Elizabeth said...

It is really crazy. People were in quite an uproar about it. I'm like whatever.