Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Curtains on the cheap

Note: Please ignore the clutter in the curtain pic.

I don't like to pay a lot of money for things if I don't have to. Who does? When we moved to our house to find that our bedroom has 3 windows, I needed curtains fast. So I came up with a quick fix that didn't cost a lot.

What you need per window:
One flat sheet (I used twin size for a window around 36") $3
One curtain rod (I used cafe rods, there are cheaper ones available)~$4
One pack of clip rings~$4
Final cost with rod ~$11 per window

Hang the curtain rod. You can iron the sheet(s) if you want but they tend to straighten out just hanging there. You could also just throw 'em in the dryer for a few. Anyways after that you hang the ring clips on the rod. The pack I got at Wally world had 7. Now fold over the top of the sheet according to how long you want your curtain to hang. And attach the clips to the fold you just made. I'd start on the ends and then the middle and so on, just so they are even. And taa daa, you have a curtain. I was doing this for the kids rooms today and thought I'd share.
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