Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keeping Busy


What's been keeping me busy lately: Crochet

I've started crocheting. I have this habit of picking up a new hobby, making a few things, losing interest and then a few years later picking it up again. I've had crochet hooks for a long time. I somehow made a little hat for my daughters baby doll and a small shopping bag for her barbie doll and then never picked up a hook again.

Until somewhere between Valentines day and St. Patricks day this year. I found these 2 patterns and I've been making a ridiculous number of crocheted goodies. The first I found at Skip to My Lou it's a really cute shamrock garland. I didn't actually create the garland, just a million shamrocks. Seriously, they take no time and they are so easy! And the other pattern I found at Sarahndipities it's a super cute heart garland. Again, I didn't make the garland just a million little hearts. Same problem: Easy and Fast. Today, I saw that Sarah posted another garland, a crocheted flower garland this time. My house will be blooming by tomorrow.

Also on the list of things I've crochet in the last month are:
  • A baby hat for my friends little newborn
  • A very bright green beret for myself (I haven't had the gall to wear it yet, lol) Started out as a newboys hat, lol.
  • A little headband for my daughter with a shamrock on it (snickering)
  • A half finished prayer shawl
  • A really cute off-white hat for me that was suppose to be for my 7 year old daughter but something happened with the sizing (more snickering)
  • A couple of unsuccessful attempts at granny squares which aren't that hard but I somehow managed to messed them up.
My most recent project is Crochet ponytail holders/Scrunchies. I watched this video and it is so easy it's ridiculous. I think I've made six now. My daughter is gonna have one to match every outfit. It's a really easy project if you happen to have had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and you are all but sedated. Just sayin'.

So check out this video and enjoy the sweet accent. By the way,  has got some really cute patterns. This hobby is getting out of hand. I'm printing off so many patterns that I'm gonna need to put them in a notebook now. They also have a few ebooks that are free for download.

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