Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life is too read boring books.

My new reading motto for 2012.
It's pin-able.

Do you ever feel this way?

It occurs to me that if I'm reading a work of fiction, it should be entertaining. I won't say what I was reading at the time but if you know me (or read my blog) you'll know what I'm reading right now. Well, what I was reading and then stopped because it felt like work.

What are your requirements for a good read?

What do you consider a deal breaker with a book?

How far do you read before you decide you just can't stand  it anymore and run madly into the street and fling the book?

I got about halfway through the book in question and decided, you know what I don't really care what happens to these characters. How sad is that?

I know, I know what about classics? You may ask. I forced myself to read Pride and Prejudice. And I do mean forced. I thought it was time. I've seen the movies so many times it's not funny. I think my husband can quote it (from hearing it, not watching it). But it felt like honest to goodness work to get through that book. Maybe it was because the speech isn't what I'm use to? Dunno. But I felt proud to say I finished it.

I do apologize to the author of the book in question. And I'm not sure how I'll feel about finishing the rest of the series. I'm not sure it's worth it. Even if it does mean not reaching a goal I set for this year. Life just seems to short to stay up late, straining my eyes to read something that I don't find entertaining.

I'm sure there are varying viewpoints. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Have you read something that felt like a struggle? Was it worth it?

By the way, I created the graphic above. You are more than welcome to pin it or print it or whatever. I do not own the quote. I don't even know where I heard it. But if you happen to use it keep the link coming back here :) Thanks.

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KalynBrooke said...

Someone else who thought Pride and Prejudice was boring! Yes! I could never get into it....that, and many other classics.

Found your blog while researching for my own boring book post. Nice to meet you!