Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Just the most disgusting post I've ever written...With Pictures!

I am going to apologize in advance for this post. And I'm also going to make the following disclaimers:

  1. My mom did in fact teach me to clean the toilet. 
  2. I'm not a disgusting person.
  3. I do clean the bathrooms in my home. 
  4. I am not for hire.
  5. This toilet has been cleaned before. 
  6. *Insert whatever snide comment about my cleaning abilities*
Now that that is out of the way, lets get started. 

Here is what you will need:

One absolutely, embarrassingly revolting toilet. (Note: See that white bit? I already scrubbed for about 1 minute.) (Another note: the brown stuff is not "stuff" it's from hard water and scum.)

You will also need a container of this. It's called Bar Keepers Friend. It works similarly to Comet. I got it at Walmart for around $2. It doesn't have the bleachy smell of Comet. 

You will also want (and this is essential) one of these. It's a pumice stone designed for this very purpose! I got it at Home Depot for $2.49 each. If you have a really messed up toilet you may want to buy 2. I also found them at Walmart for $1.89 but I'd already gotten them at Home Depot. 

And lastly you are gonna want to protect your hand with a great pair of cheap rubber gloves. I got them at Dollar Tree :) They were going in the trash afterwards and I don't want to tell you how hard I searched Walmart for them. Seriously? I couldn't find them anywhere. 

Now that you've gotten all your supplies together here's what you do. 
  1. Put on your gloves cause eww.
  2. Open the toilet. (duh)
  3. Give the toilet a good scrub with the handy dandy toilet brush. Just to make sure you don't have uhm "stuff" floating around. *gross*
  4. Flush.
  5. Sprinkle some of the Bar Keepers Helper in all around. 
  6. Unwrap your pumice and dip it in the toilet water until it absorbs some of the water. Don't worry it's clean enough. And besides you aren't gonna want to use this pumice anywhere else. 
  7. Start taking out your aggression on the nastiness that is your toilet. Scrub like nobody's business. Make sure to get under the rim where the water comes from. 
  8. Flush as needed to clear out the gunk. 
  9. Make the kids come watch! Seriously, they need to know how to clean toilets too. 
  10. Get down so you can see the messy areas you may have missed. Grime likes to hide. 
  11. When you think it's good enough, add a little more Bar Keepers to it and give it another good scrub with the toilet brush. 
  12. Flush one more time. Voila! Clean toilet. 
  13. Just wipe down the rest of the toilet with a wad of toilet paper or a clorox wipe and make the kids come see how clean it is. Or make the kids do the wiping down. They'll thank you later. 
  14. Make sure your husband sees it too. He'll brag to the kids. At least mine did :) 
Here's the result: 

So there ya go. A clean toilet in less than 30 minutes. I actually went through 2 pumices. I cleaned 2 toilets. The first wasn't even worth mentioning. But together it took less than 30 minutes. Hopefully, this helps someone :) 

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