Monday, February 15, 2016

Minor mishap and a lesson in physics

Miss me? Me too :) On January 23rd, it was a Saturday, I was helping a friend pack their kids room for a move. I stepped up on a bed. Of course, I removed my shoes because I'm not rude. After I finished the work that took me up on top of a bed, I stepped off...on to my shoe...and fell. So yeah, I broke my left wrist. I heard a loud pop. And this thing has been my constant companion ever since. Pretty, huh?

This is the second time in my life I've broken a bone. The other time I was 10 and it was my right wrist. I can tell you that this time around has been so much worse for several reasons. 

  1. I am not great at typing with one hand. 
  2. I can't drive well with one hand. 
  3. One word...bra...'nough said. Seriously, try it one handed. 
  4. Showers with one arm wrapped in a trash bag? Not easy. 
  5. I can't straighten my arm...even when sleeping. 
  6. I can't open ziploc bags unless they have actual zippers. 
  7. I haven't tied my shoes in almost a month. I just step in and deal. 
  8. Toothpaste...try it.
  9. Putting hair up in a ponytail/clip one-handed...not happening. 
  10. I don't bother unbuttoning or unzipping pants anymore. I've become the master of quick changes.
It's also been eye opening. I'm a very prideful person. I know! I never realized how self-sufficient I am. I've had to learn to ask for help for little stuff. It really stinks. I have to trust that my daughters hairdressing skills are not going to give me a "daddy ponytail". But I've also come to be thankful because: 
  1. It could have been so much worse. 
  2. Where I fell was between two hard wooden beds. 
  3. My head missed the second bed by inches. 
  4. My back and spine missed a large wooden dresser by inches. 
  5. When I fell, I was holding a handful of nails. 
  6. I was in the company of a friend who saw me fall and was there to help. 
  7. I didn't twist my ankle stepping on my shoe. 
  8. I have a amazing husband who came to be with me at the ER.
  9. I'm right handed!
  10. My family is amazing! They've been really helpful and patient with me. 
Anyways, it's not been a great month for me but then again sometimes it takes something sucky to make you stop and appreciate the wonder of the ordinary. I get to rid myself of the beast next week. But in the meantime, I'll survive. 

Here's my yucky X-ray for all you sciency people. Pretty gross. 

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