Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review of Pro Plan


So, I’ve really been loving this new educational website I got the opportunity to use and review. It’s called and we’ve been using the Pro Plan makes some areas of homeschooling much easier. I know for our family testing isn’t always the priority but sometimes it really helps to reassure where your kids are academically. Many times I find that I’d like to have the kids dig a little deeper in a subject. And provides lots of ready made resources like worksheets, online tests and also lessons.

I’ve especially liked the upper grade science and English resources. This one is a worksheet for a unit on the Respiratory System.


And this one is showing the structure of DNA! The printables are really high quality and very easy to understand. I also love that you can save the tests as pdf files for later use or for reference.

Another cool feature is the Games area. You can create custom bingo cards and word searches with the generators. The Test Maker is amazing! You simply search through the over 130,000 available questions and add them to make your own test. You can also share the test with your kids/students online. They also have a great help section should you run into any problems while creating your tests. Here are just few of the helps topics from the testing section:

  1. How to Administer Tests Online
  2. How to Find Questions
  3. How to Customize Your Tests
  4. How To Use Questions with Images
  5. Using Question Groups
  6. How to Design a Good Test
  7. How to Write Good Test Questions

There are lots of freebies on but I’ve found that the Pro Plan really is a way better experience. They're always adding more resources. One of my favorite resources is the Blog. I’ve always been a follower of homeschooling and educational blogs! I’ve gotten some amazingly useful ideas from blogs. This is the most recent blog entry from the blog. It’s relevant to homeschoolers!


I have to be honest, as I first toured the site I was worried that it was geared more towards public school teachers. As a homeschooler, my needs don’t always line up with what is geared toward the schools. However, after digging a little deeper I found some really great resources that I hope to continue using for years to come. My daughter and I love the word search puzzles. I found lots of great science lessons and worksheets that my 2 high schoolers will no doubt be using as well. It really does have something for all age groups. Many resource sites  are also geared more toward elementary education. So it was really refreshing to find resources for junior high and high school as well!

Here are some of the perks of using the Pro Plan on

  1. Use Test Maker™ to create unlimited custom tests and worksheets
  2. Up to 100 questions in your custom tests and worksheets
  3. You get to use questions with images
  4. Save your own tests as PDFs
  5. Use Test Room™ to administer unlimited online tests & lessons
  6. Pre-made premium content(Common Core ELA and Math)
  7. Browse and search CCSS-aligned questions by standard
  8. It’s only $24.95 for the whole year! has been an interesting find. It comes highly recommended!

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