Friday, March 16, 2018

Book Review: Her Texas Cowboy by Jill Lynn

In Her Texas Cowboy by Jill Lynn, Rachel and Hunter have history. When Rachel left town she figured that's what they were...history. But when she comes back for a couple of months while waiting for a job to pan out, she gets more than she's bargained for.

Hunter never quite let go of Rachel when she left the first time. He still held out hope that one day she'd show up again. When she does, he's trying to not get either of them hurt. Luckily, neither of them has control over everything. And that always makes for a fun story.

I really enjoyed this book! As the 3rd book in this series, it does a great job of continuing the story of this small Texas town. Both Hunter and Rachel are well rounded characters with realistic personalities. I love to read stories of people who seem and act real. It's always nice to read more about the lives of the characters that you met in earlier works.

My favorite part was the banter. Their conversations were straight out of a chick flick or those awesome black and white slapstick comedies. Jill is a great writer! If you haven't read the first 2 books in this series, they are equally amazing.

I got a free advance copy of this book for my honest review. You can get your copy of Her Texas Cowboy here. You can also try a free month of Amazon Prime where you can read lots of amazing books for free.

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