Monday, August 6, 2018

Book Review: The Rancher's Surprise Daughter by Jill Lynn

Luc and Cate didn’t part well. In fact when she told him to get lost, he did what she wanted and let her go. So when Cate shows up at Lucas’ family ranch with a surprise in tow, he is to say the least a little shocked to see her. Can Lucas find a way to hold on without scaring Cate off again?

The Rancher’s Surprise Daughter was a fun summer read. It’s a great sit beside the pool and soak up a good story kind of book. The characters are really well developed and the plot is reminiscent of a good ol’ chick flick. I’ve always wanted to visit a working ranch and see the ins and outs of ranch life so the ranch setting of the book was charming. This story was heartwarming. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend this wonderful book. I’m thinking it would be a great stocking stuffer this year if you are already shopping for the holidays.

I received a free copy of this charming book for my honest review. But I would have read it anyways!

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