Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Weekend Excursion to Breck

Over the last weekend, we went on an afternoon trek to Breckenridge, Colorado. We've been several times over the last 11 years. It's only about 3 hours drive. Usually, we drive up, park and walk around the cool shops. We usually end up at a favorite pizza shop. But this time we were on a mission to see a troll. His name is Isak Heartstone!

We didn't even walk around Breck this time! We took a little hike through these amazing woods. Here's some more pics.

There was this really pretty walkway which lead down next to a babbling brook. 

This really cool table built around a couple of trees!

We took the scenic route back over the mountains. 

This is the view from Hoosier Divide. 

Of course, we had to stop in Fairplay to get this pic. 

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