Monday, September 17, 2007

Hooray! for Lost and what to do with the free time.

Terry O'Quinn won an Emmy for his role as John Locke on Lost. I personally am shocked that this is the first Emmy that Lost has won. It's the absolute best show on television. Well, when it is on television.

I've gotta tell ya. The producers of that show have some major nerve expecting us stick around and wait 8 or 9 months to see what happens next. I mean what are we suppose to do in the meantime?

Lost-related stuff to do to make the most of your time while waiting for Lost to come back:
  1. Learn the lyrics and music to "You all Everybody" by DriveShaft.
  2. Play the numbers 4-8-15-16-23-42 in the lottery.
  3. Read Bad Twin.
  4. Make a mix tape of all the songs that have been featured on the show.
  5. Read Stephen King's The Stand which was featured in The Other's book club.
  6. Plan a Lostie's dinner party only using what they have available on the island.
  7. Set an alarm to go off every 108 minutes.
  8. Memorize the seating chart for flight 815.
  9. Go "Downtown" & "Make your own kind of music"
  10. Learn to say "I love you" in Korean.
  11. Learn how to catch fish in a net.
  12. Locate the hometown of each Lostie on a frappr.
  13. Learn to make a baby carriage with just a large knife and vines.
  14. Build a raft.
  15. Watch the previous seasons including all the behind the scenes stuff.
Anyways, that should be enough to get you through the slump. If nothing else watch Grey's or Heroes. Hope that helps. See ya soon!

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ohAmanda said...

Did you make that up?! That is hilarious! I forgot to check out who won the Emmy's. OF COURSE TERRY OQUINN should win! I honestly hope I don't go crazy before season 4 starts!