Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Journeyman- Show Review and a < spoiler > of sorts

After the new Heroes episode last night NBC premiered a new show called "Journeyman".

Okay, first off I guess I'd probably watch just about anything after getting all pumped up for Heroes. (Which I thought was a very disappointing season starting episode.) But after the first 10 minutes of extremely bad acting, it started to grow on me. It kinda started to grow on me. It reminded me of Quantum Leap. (Awesome, awesome, awesome beyond belief. So sad it's gone.) Okay but back to Journeyman. About halfway through Brandon says "I got it. I figured it out."

I'm of course going "What?"

< spoiler >

He said it's this very common sci-fi theme. Time travellers from the future, go back in time and find a person who is about to die and recruit them. They offer them the chance to live but leave everything they know, let everyone think they died and travel through time to work for them.

Which leaves me to believe that the guy (Journeyman) is himself about to die and that somewhere in the season we will find out why he started traveling. My genius husband. He's addicted to science fiction. Not crappy sci-fi or horror but the good stuff. Card, Asimov, etc.

Anyways, I enjoyed Journeyman. I hope the acting gets better and that the plot doesn't start to go sour. If you saw it, what did you think?

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