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Celebrate Lit: Are you in the Game or in the Way? by Ross Holtz

About the Book

Book: Are You in the Game or in the Way?
Author: Ross Holtz
Genre: RELIGION / Christian Ministry / Pastoral Resources
Release Date: March 10, 2017

Are You in the Game or in the Way?

A men’s ministry reality check: What is standing in the way of a vital men’s ministry in your church? 
The guy who should be at the forefront is often in the way of the program getting off the ground. 
·         Are you, as pastor, the main obstacle to the growth of a vital men’s ministry? 
·         Are you the guy who wants to start a men’s ministry in your church but don’t know how? 
·         Is fear or a sense of inadequacy keeping you from starting such a ministry? 
Pastor Ross Holtz tells his personal story of how he became a catalyst for growth, instead of an impediment will inspire pastors and men’s ministry leaders. 
What works, what doesn’t, and what is required in forming a vital men’s ministry. Practical and honest teaching filled with relevant and tested examples from recognizing the problem to finding the fix.  
Pastor Ross Holtz is a man who has earned the right to speak on ministering to and through men . . . One man’s journey from being a sceptic to a fully-engaged pastor who sees the power of a clear ministry to and through men . . . Pastor Ross bares his heart, and is, at times, brutally honest in a way that will resonate.  
—Chuck Stecker, president, A Chosen Generation

Author Interview

When did you decide to become an author?

I have always been intrigued with writing. In Jr Hi, writing compositions was one of my favorite things. I’ve been writing articles and columns for decades. About five years ago I finally got serious about writing a book.

Who most influenced your writing?

Dave Berry. He’s a humorist and columnist. I like the way he makes his points with humorous, sometimes absurd, observations from real life. I would like to write with more humor. 

What was the best advice you received about writing?

I once heard William F. Buckley asked about what he felt about deadlines. He answered that he loved deadlines, that without them he’d never get anything written. I’ve always needed deadlines but felt like there was something wrong with me until I heard his statement. The advice is to learn to love deadlines. 

Who is your hero?

I’m a Christian, so, Jesus must  be the main hero I have. From a more contemporary view, I’d have to say Billy Graham. He was able to maintain his moral balance and reputation for the long run. As for writers, I’d have to list C.S. Lewis and Charles H. Spurgeon as heroes of the pen.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Oh, there are almost too many things to list. I’ve been at this thing called life for a long time. I guess it would have to be an ability to stay focused. I have a serious case of attention deficit. 

You are leaving Earth to start a colony on Mars, what's in your luggage?

A computer with a very long cord. Everything I know is on my computer, or on the cloud. 

Where do you do most of your writing?

I’d like to do most of my writing in Tampa, Florida. But, that being unavailable, I have an upstairs study with very large windows. I seem to need to be in contact with the outside world to concentrate. I live in a very old neighborhood where all the houses are different and interesting to look at while I’m thinking. 

Do you listen to music when you write and if so, what's your favorite genre?

I don’t listen to music when writing. I need quiet. When I listen to music I concentrate on the music and not on what I’m supposed to be thinking about. 

Who would be your ideal editor/writing partner?

 Shakespeare would be good. But since he doesn’t do that anymore, I have my ideal editor. My wife is a writer and publisher. Everything I write goes by her before it goes out. She is very objective, sometimes painfully so. 
As for a writing partner, I am not great with teams, even teams of two. I’ve never tried writing with another person but I’m not at all sure I would like it. If I could have written with Francis Schaeffer or C.S Lewis, that would be cool.

What's currently in your To Be Read pile?

Ha, I’ve just finished a doctorate and I have exhausted my reading list for the dissertation. I am currently on sabbatical from reading anything but murder mysteries.

About the Author

Geoffrey Ross Holtz, DD, is founding and senior pastor of The Summit (ECFA) in Enumclaw. He was awarded “Pastor of the Year” in 2014 by the National Coalition of Ministries for Men. Ross and his wife, Athena, the founder and publisher of Redemption Press, have a blended family of eight adult children and seventeen grandchildren and enjoy time spent sailing.

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