Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Curtains on the cheap

Note: Please ignore the clutter in the curtain pic.

I don't like to pay a lot of money for things if I don't have to. Who does? When we moved to our house to find that our bedroom has 3 windows, I needed curtains fast. So I came up with a quick fix that didn't cost a lot.

What you need per window:
One flat sheet (I used twin size for a window around 36") $3
One curtain rod (I used cafe rods, there are cheaper ones available)~$4
One pack of clip rings~$4
Final cost with rod ~$11 per window

Hang the curtain rod. You can iron the sheet(s) if you want but they tend to straighten out just hanging there. You could also just throw 'em in the dryer for a few. Anyways after that you hang the ring clips on the rod. The pack I got at Wally world had 7. Now fold over the top of the sheet according to how long you want your curtain to hang. And attach the clips to the fold you just made. I'd start on the ends and then the middle and so on, just so they are even. And taa daa, you have a curtain. I was doing this for the kids rooms today and thought I'd share.
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ruffles Are So In! (or Why my butt continues to grow)

I started to write an entry about all the awesome crafts and clothing styles I've seen lately that incorporate ruffles. However, when I began to jot down the linkage I realized that I couldn't remember how I'd gotten there. So I retraced the "steps" that I took to find this cute necklace tutorial. And I realized that I would be robbing you of the wonderful experience that I had finding it if I didn't link to the sites that lead me to the blog where I found it. So without further ado, welcome to my stream of consciousness. It takes me on wonderful adventures.

I started out checking my Google Reader and saw this, which has absolutely nothing to do with ruffles. But seriously who is not gonna click on that?:
"To the Parents of the brattiest kid at McDonalds tonight..."
from Somewhat Simple
Warning: This is the funniest entry I've ever read. If I hadn't already drank all my sweet tea I would have spewed it on my monitor.

On the sidebar of Somewhat Simple I saw an ad for EZ Crafts with Karlista - who btw is 12! Really cute site and a much more devoted blogger than I.

She had created a really cute Bible holder/cover from a tutorial that she found on:
Buttons & Bangles
Who is also 12! I'm not sure I was nearly that crafty when I was 12.

Okay, so here's where my mind draws a blank cause after this I somehow ended up at this blog:
Ruffles and Stuff - the prettiest ruffle necklace ever! I'm not a huge jewelry fan but I'm seriously becoming one.
She got the idea for this necklace from a tutorial on:

Poppy Chic Designs
Also check out her other tutorials.

So anyhoo, that's how I found that tutorial for the cute ruffle necklace. Now I'm off to try to recreate it.