Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A quick little "in the mood for Fall" craft

So, the summer is winding down and the kids are back to school. Our oldest started "real" school at a charter school this year. And the other 2 are still homeschooled and taking support classes 2 days per week for 3 hours each day. 

Which means I get free time! 

Which means I get to go to the dollar tree and put together new crafts for the fall! I love the fall. In Colorado, it's not quite the same thing as back in Georgia but it still gives me a chance to get crafty.

This craft idea came to me as I sat at the computer checking out the new fall crafts over on One Pretty Thing. I absolutely love love love this site! I have this cute little Ikea tray that has been with us for a few years. And when the seasons change so does the decor of the tray. It's my little piece of decoration in our rented place. It's easy to change and it's a great focal point.

So here's the deal, the dollar tree has these awesome little vinyl wall stickers and everytime I walk past them my crafty brain goes ga-ga. I have wanted to do something with them. I've thought of maybe Christmas gifts of signs with these. I'm gonna experiment and maybe that'll come in a later post. So anyways, I saw these 2 and had to buy them. One says "Everyday is a Gift" and the other says "Bless this home with Love and Laughter". Are you not loving the scrolling text?


So here's what you do...and it's super complicated. You peel it off and stick it on the tray. Taa Daa! I mean really how pretty is that? And the cool part is that it's suppose to resist moisture and it's re-stickable. So save the little paper it comes on and swap it out from time to time. By the way, the stuff on the tray (I just noticed) was all purchased at the dollar tree. Get out the glue guns and glitter and decorations. It's FALL!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Book Review: The Dragons of Chiril

I usually enjoy Donita K. Paul's books but this one took me a while. It's kind of a slow starter. The cover is what drew me to pick this book. It's beautiful.

I enjoyed the story and the characters but I wouldn't say it's a book I'd read again. (Sorry for such a short review.) I may at some point try the rest of the series but I'm actually not a huge fan of "dragon books". As far as the writing style, it's well written as you'd expect from such a seasoned writer.

If you've read any of Paul's other works you'll really enjoy it!

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