Thursday, February 14, 2013

Book Review: A Change of Fortune by Jen Turano

A Change of Fortune by Jen Turano
Oh my, where to begin. I had no idea what I was in for when I requested this book from Bethany House. It was such a fun story. The lady on the cover has such a comical look about her that I just had to find out what her story was. 

Lady Eliza Sumner has been "taken" of her fortune. She travels to American with only one thing in mind and that is to get it back. She's willing to go to whatever lengths to accomplish her goal. And I mean anything!

It takes off like a shot and keeps you on the edge of your seat or pillow in my case the whole time. I fell in love with the characters from the moment I met them. 

Eliza is one of my new favorite female leads. She's a mess. She and Hamilton (male lead) are just hilarious together. I'm not sure he knows what he's in for but their life together is bound to be interesting. 

I spent so much time reading this at bedtime and trying hard to not laugh. I cannot wait for the next book and I just found out that there is a novella. I am a fan now! 

I highly recommend this book. It's a beautiful love story and has bits of mystery and action. You will not be disappointed. I know I wasn't. I can't wait to loan it out!

I got this e-book for my review and if you'd like to get free books contact Bethany House and become a reviewer!

What I read over Christmas break

Christmas in Apple Ridge by Cindy Woodsmall

I haven't had much experience with Amish fiction before reading this 3 in 1 collection. My first taste was The Scent of Cherry Blossoms, so it was nice to revisit some of the same characters. I loved the richness of the characters and the Northeast has always been an amazing place to me. Though, I've never had the pleasure of a visit. I grew up in middle Tennessee and we had occasionally seen the Mennonite people in their wagons and carriages. Though we never had any contact with them, unfortunately.

It seems like in our "modern" world there is so much to see and distract you from the story. It's so nice to enjoy a simple store of love. The simplicity of the society doesn't necessarily mean that the story is boring or plain. I enjoyed every moment of these stories. I especially loved the story of the carver and the buyer. This is an awesome holiday read. It kept me busy on our drive from Colorado to Tennessee because if you've ever driven through Kansas you know there's not a lot to see :)

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